Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hmmmmm....of all the names I could have picked as a pen name, I had the misfortune to use one very like the name of a well-known video-slut. Now I could have googled beforehand, but no. I left it to my nine-year old neighbor to alert me after he typed in my website URL and used an E instead of an O in my last name. YIKES.

(It also works if you type instead of my Aaaargh.)

Oh well, at least it does bring a lot of traffic to my site. Now, whether they go on to buy my book, Midnight Bride, is another matter.

Anyway, I am totally respectable and write totally respectable romances I'd even have let my
precious Aunt Elaine read. I hope you'll feel the same.

Right now, I'm holding "Carrie's Crypto-Contest" over at my website. It's a simple substitution cypher, and the correct solution might win you a free copy of my book. So, give it a try.

Email me with your answer! Shhhh. If you figure it out, keep it a secret!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

...Midnight Bride

Howdy! Get yourself on over to Cobblestone Press where, hopefully, my latest Western historical romance is scorching the downloads. You can read an excerpt there...or at my website,

I've got a "hearts and hats" Valentine's Day contest going on. Sign my website's guestbook to enter your name to win yummy Valentine chocolate and a pair of sterling silver cowboy hat stud earrings. Name to be drawn, when else? Midnight on February 14!