Friday, August 28, 2009

Tanya Writes shoes

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Well, ya hear all through your childhood about ruby slippers and glass slippers, then ya grow up and it's all about Choos and stillettos. Toss is the occasional pricey flip-flop or Nike cross-trainer should need arise.

I myself am partial to my Ahnus, the best feel on my reconstructed foot but I managed a darling pair of black satin strappies for the wedding. And they weren't even new. I got them for our New York trip last summer and wore them on our dinner cruise around Manhattan. Way comfortable and broken in...although I changed into some Vera Wang ballet flats for the reception.

But how about my babygirl and her yellow shoes? Long a fan of "Chuck Taylors" combined with fancy duds, she always wore matching Chucks with her sorority formals, and her brother wore spankin' new Chucks with his own wedding tux five years ago. Oh yeah, she wore the strappies for the ceremony but partied on all night long with those Chucks.

Do I have cool kids or what?

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Helen Hardt said...

My son loves the bright green Chuck Taylors!