Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tanya Writes About The Falconer

Current read: The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown
Just finished: The Falconer, Elaine Clark McCarthy, A++ a perfect read

I'm not a reviewer or a critic, but this book really touched my heart. I guess because cancer rears its ugly head in it, and the hero puts out wildfires and it's set in California. So many things that make up my up the fabric of my life.

Thing is, I've had this book in the attic for years. It was released in the mid-90's and I don't know how it got into my hands. Maybe someone who knew my hero is a firefighter. Dunno. It's slim and spare with a beautiful cover but somehow didn't make the cut of a TBR list.

But I found it again, going up into the attic for fall decorations. It's short, almost a one-sitting read, with the lyrical prose that I love and our MTV culture usually doesn't.

But oh god she wanted him. She wanted his hands to reinvent her skin, she wanted his eyes to find here there behind her face and release her. She wanted her heart thrown into the sky; she wanted to fly. She wanted it before the dark closed in. So mucy dark and so soon.

The only trouble was, she didn't know if he could want it too. But he might. Please, whatever god may be he might.

The author claimed it only took three days to write. But she to my knowledge never wrote anything else. Sad. It's timeless and wondrous and worth your time. A keeper. A re-read. Again and again and again.

(Ps. If I used this cover image and shouldn't have, please let me know., and I'll remove it)


Helen Hardt said...

Tanya, your post intrigued me so much that I scoured Amazon for a copy of The Falconer. Do you know it's almost impossible to find? I came across a few used copies. I wonder why the author hasn't written another book?

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Helen, I don't know either. I can send it, if you'd like. It just really touched my heart.