Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live Like You Were Dying....

I haven't had that great of a start to today. I just found out my terrific editor is leaving the profession to concentrate on her own writing career. I can understand. As meticulous and gifted as she is with editing, it's got to take its toll on her creativity...and her time. We've still got one project we're working on together, and I know she's passing me on to good hands but...

....I'm broken hearted. As I told her, I can't decide if I want to cry or throw up.

To help me feel a bit better, though, I'm heading out in a bit for a Tim McGraw concert with my dear buddy Charlene Sands. I figure this is our sixth concert hunting him down LOL. He's not only a hottie, but the author of much of my life around here:

Live Like You Were Dying
became one of our anthems during and since testicular cancer. My Little Girl is the beautiful, tear-jerking song our own little girl picked for her daddy-daughter dance at her wedding three months ago.

And My Old Friend brings to our heart and mind our own dearest friend, my twin brother Mike, who passed away two years ago come Christmas.

I fear I'll be plenty tearful during the concert, don't you?


Helen Hardt said...

Please don't throw up, Tanya! It's okay to cry a little; I did. Everything will be fine ;). Have a great time at the concert!

Linda A. said...

Enjoy the concert, Tanya. You're in for a treat! And get emotional if you fel like it.

Tanya Hanson said...

I know, Helen...but just as things get perfect, they get crazy too. Seems the way of life. I'm one who vastly likes the even keel, and it never is LOL.

Linda, thanks for stopping by. And the concert was fantastic. Sigh.