Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tanya Reviews WHEN LOVE TRIUMPHS, by Dora Hiera

I don't normally review books, yet alone post them here (This is not a review blog) but...I love reading Dora Hier’ stories. 

When Love Triumphs is not my first one. She writes from the Christian worldview but never hesitates to accept that physical desire is part of falling in love, particularly as she stresses the blessings of restraint and strength. When Love Triumphs features two first-responders, professions I find heroic to begin with. 

With a name like Winter, our heroine is nothing at all cold and unfeeling. Giving her heart instantly to the hero’s little niece Chaney is her loving nature personified, peppered with other important examples of Winter’s generosity and care for others.  The author presents a very full cast of characters, and I hope best-friend and fellow softballer Andi gets her own story someday soon.

While Winter is a strong woman, her character is touchingly vulnerable as she recovers from a childhood tragedy in which she feels responsibility for her sister’s death. Hence results her terror of water and water-related activities. When the hero installs a swimming pool next door, the reader can feel Winter’s dread.

An ex-Navy SEAL now a paramedic, Tanner steals anybody’s heart, particularly in his gentle goal to get Winter back. Nothing does it for me more than a reunion story, and Ms. Hiers hits every mark. The proposal scene is every woman’s dream. And Chaney’s legal name change, be still my heart!

I especially love Ms. Hiers’ compassionate treatment of Tanner’s alcoholic father. Any reader who loves someone dealing with substance abuse will appreciate her tenderness and hope.

Well done, Dora Hiers!


Dora Hiers said...

Awww! Mega thanks for spotlighting When Love Triumphs on your blog, Tanya! Appreciate your sweet words and your gracious hospitality! xo

Tanya Hanson said...

Dora, you're the best... Least I could is share your wonderful book. πŸ’–πŸ’•