Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tanya Writes About Sisters...one more time.

Sorry to get here late. Life is exploding around me. And I gotta say, here we go again. A reprise of my current release. Two stories in one, and all for only two dollars. Quite a bargain.


And to make all of this even better, Sisters already gained me a Best Selling status.  Be still, my heart, and thank you, God.

Anyway...Her Hurry-up Husband was released in a Mail-Order-Bride anthology a while back, and features Omaha  debutante Elspeth Maroney who needs a husband just for one month, after leaving her rat of a bridegroom at the altar. With good reason.. So off she goes to Miss Mamie's Hearts and Hands Club to find a mail-order one. Only handsome Colorado rancher Hezekiah Steller wants a wife for life... and won't have it any other way. Sigh.

Upon acquisition of HHUH,  my editor said, wow, we gotta get Ellie's sister Judith away from their awful mama. So...Her Thief of Hearts was born in time for last February's Valentine collection. Indeed, we have socialite Judy, an adorable orphan, her sister Elspeth's rat of a spurned bridegroom, the sisters' former governess...all stuck together on a speeding train in a Nebraska blizzard that gets held up by bad boy outlaw, Black Ankles...only it's not Black Ankles at all,  but the Colorado cowboy 

In conclusion, Black Ankles himself finds love and redemption in Her Holiday Husband, my contribution to PRP's 2015 Christmas anthology. Which yes, involves both a Mail Order Bride AND a Mail Order Groom. So stay tuned...

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