Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reprising A Wonderful Trip....

Untitled.png A few years ago, I and my hubby, brother-in-law, and sis had the experience of a lifetime, taking a wagon train around the Tetons with an amazing group, Teton Wagon Train and Horse Adventures headed by wagonmaster Jeff Warburton out of Jackson, Wyoming. He’s a true cowboy and a gentleman Me and JEff.png Yep. We spent four days circling the Tetons through the Caribou-Targhee National Forest bordering Yellowstone bear country. We didn’t see any bear despite everybody’s secret longing. Likely the thundering horses and our noisy group skeered ’em away. Cowboy rollercoaster.png First stop on the bus taking us to the wagons were photo-ops of the Grand lady herself..followed by her neighbor Mount Moran reflected perfectly in a oxbow lake. Grant Teton.png Mount Moran.png After a delicious lunch—there’s nothing quite like chuck wagon cooking in the open mountain air—Jeff called, “let the wagons roll” and we were off to our camp for the night. Dutch ovens.png Pulling the wagons were magnificent draft horses, Percherons and Belgians. They are named in teams, such as Lady and Tramp, Gun and Smoke, Sandy and Sage, Jack and Jill. The first name is always the horse on the left. These glorious beasts are capable of pulling up to 4,000 pounds as a team, and they love to work. In winter, they lead sleighs to the elk refuge outside Jackson. Percheron.png While the wagons do have rubber tires and padded benches, the gravel roads are nothing like a modern freeway. Most times our route was called the “cowboy rollercoaster.” Tent.png Our tents were comfy—all sleeping essentials are provided–, and there was nothing so fine as a cup of Arbuckle’s to warm us up on a chilly morning.One of the nicest parts of the meals was Jeff leading us in a blessing first. Nobody had to join in…but seems like everybody did. Arbuckles.png Everywhere surrounding us, the Wyoming landscape was full of lakes, greenery and blooming wildflowers. Nights after the camp quieted down were almost beyond description: the stars are endless, multi-layered, sparkling on forever and ever amen. What a sight. Wyoming wildflowers.png But the most fun of all was riding horses! Folks either rode, hiked, or wagonned it to the next camp each day. Horseback riding.png Me and mine, well, we had the time of our life. And this trip helped inspire my Hearts Crossing Ranch series at Pelican Book Group. Me.png As Jeff said when we left, “There’s always be a campfire burnin’ for ya here in Wyomin.” Yep. I’m feeling the warmth right now.

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