Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tanya Writes About Being Sick. (It sucks.)

Well, loser Blogger still considers me spam. I am sick anyway, of it and just plain sick.

So this will be short. I caught something from the grandbaby; his mommy and daddy are down with it, too. At least Grampa, my hero, is still on his feet in case anybody needs him.

But I will rant about something else. I get google-alerts when my name shows up on any Internet search. Okay, sounds reasonable. Except I get every crap alert for ANYBODY with a name remotely like Tanya.

Tania. Tonya. Tonia. And anything Hansen. I mean, come on. An O is NOT an E.

The names don't even have to be a pair. Anything Hansen or Hanson or Tanya or Tania or Tonya or Tonia gets sent to me with any kind of first or last name attached. Can't google spell?

To make it all more fun, I get all the references to Tanya Hansen, a big porno star. At first I didn't mind because I usually get traffic to my website because of her But these days, enough already. Her "floatation devices" and her "Nurse F*@k" video references aren't one single bit funny.

Well, I'm done ranting. At least sitting at the computer for a bit lets me breathe. When I lay down, everything stops up.

Arrrrgh. There won't be any picture today. I'd scare you to death. And as for dear Miss Tanya HANSEN. I don't need to clutter my already-robot infected blog with porn.

It sucks being sick. But it's nothing like my hero suffering through chemo. So in a way, this is no biggie at all.

Good-bye for now. I'm not done with Sarah Palin yet but my brain's too tired and my fingers to weak...

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