Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tanya Writes About Boston: A Dream Trip before the Nightmare

Ten months ago, we lost Mike. Our kids' uncle. My hero's closest friend since age 6. My twin brother. We shared the same birthday...found that out in high school, and we celebrated more than thirty of them together.

So when he got sick, with no hope at all, my hero and I took to heart Tim McGraw's song and lived like we were dying. Last October, we took that long-longed for trip to New England to peep at leaves turning. No holds barred. For the first time ever, we didn't care how much stuff cost.

Little did we know, a month after Mike died, my hero would be diagnosed. Those visions of Boston and beyond brightened us during the dark times.

We stayed at an elegant hotel in Copley Square (yes, Copley was named for John Singleton Copley!) that hooked to shopping centers by glass-covered walkways above the street below. Trinity Church was right there...and the Public Library. We we were so close to the Public Garden that I had no trouble making way for those ducklings.

Five days in that incredible city were NOT enough. But we managed to squeeze in a game at Fenway. Our own Angels played them in the ALDS...and our kids got us tix on e-bay. Our Angels lost (Manny crushed a three-run homer over the Monster in the bottom of the ninth, thanks to my un-hero Frankie Rodriquez) but oh, just being there hearing the roar. Sweet Caroline at the 9th all rocked.

Freedom Trail. Old North Church. U.S.S. Constitution. JFK Library. Duck Tour. Beacon Hill. State House. Cheers bar. Paul Revere's homestead...we wondered why Gramma Revere got that big ol' bedroom all to herself, with 16 kids running around.

Too much more to do. So we plan a trip there next fall.

Mike would want us to.

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