Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tanya Writes About Seau again...

Current read: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, by Katherine Howe

I had lunch with my good friend Maxine yesterday and she extolled about Marrying Minda...and the bio page...except that it mentions my two very spoiled black Labs. Minda was already in production before our sweethearts had to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

How I still mourn and always will. I still see Marl standing at the end of the breezeway between our house and the fence, running into my arms after I loaded the garbage can. Seau's tail still echoes each morning, bashing happiness against the wood floors.

But I realized I had to do one last sad thing: notify the doggie-day care kennel that, this summer, they wouldn't have our sweet boy to tend. I not only got lovely condolences in an e-mail, but we also got a hand-created card signed by all the attendants. Eveybody included a comment. Oh, how my heart is warmed.

Sorry for your loss. Seau was a wonderful dog. He will be dearly missed. Love, Dawn

Seau was so sweet and we will think of him fondly. Thank you for letting us take care of him. Love, Judy

I'm sorry for your loss. Seau was such a sweet boy. I will miss his cute face. Tina

Seau was a great dog and we will all miss him. Anthony

I am so sorry to hear about Seau. He was such a wonderful dog. He made such a good friend and was a joy to just hang out with. I will miss him. oxox Jenny

Love back to all of you at Flying High Pet Resort.


Helen said...

I noticed your doggies on your bio in Minda, too. Have you gotten a new furry friend yet?

linda said...

Tanya, it's so hard to lose a pet. Our Duck toller, Chance, is such a huge part of our lives. I can't imagine coming home without his doggy smile and frantically wagging tail to greet me. He's only seven so we should have him for a good many years yet,but we've decided we will never be without a dog. When it's time, you might feel the same way.

Tanya Hanson said...

Thanks for sharing our joys and our hurts, Helen and Linda.

I know we'll get a new pup someday and probably not that long off. But right now I content myself with grandpups (2 little girl English bullies) and niece pups that include 3 mini-Dachshunds and the darlingest Corgy.