Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here are my niece-pups who live in Nevada.

Despite the cute pictures, Halloween isn't exactly a pet-friendly holiday. Thanks to the SPCA for the following information.

• Keep pets indoors on Halloween night as the extra activity can be dangerous.

• Confine your pets to a safe and quiet area. The constantly ringing doorbell can be stressful so place your pets in a quiet room, with their pet bed, favorite toys, soothing music, and if possible, a human companion.

• Do not take the family pet out trick-or-treating. Pets can be frightened by strange costumes and may result in the animal running away or acting out by attacking. Remember, pet owners can be liable for injuries inflicted by their pets.

• Never let your pet around lit candles. Pets may knock over candles and cause a fire. Curious kittens and puppies especially run the risk of getting burned.

• Candy is not for pets. Most candy will get your animals sick and chocolate is very dangerous as it is poisonous to many animals. Tinfoil wrappers can get lodged in your pets’ digestive tract. Keep the number of your local poison control center and emergency veterinarian handy just in case.

• Never dress your pet in a costume that is not made for pets. If you do dress your pets for Halloween, make sure it is a costume made for pets their size.

• Current Identification Tags are vital. With the door constantly in use on this holiday, pets can sneak out of the house. Make sure they’ve been microchipped and are wearing a collar with current tags.

Happy "BOO"-day!

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