Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tanya Writes About...

Hi, just checking in. Blogging seems so...useless because I don't have a gimmick. No crafty stuff..no recipes. No style guides.

And it is self-serving just to write about my books. Just saying....

So  today is just two thoughts on recent writing stuff:

1. Sad that Samhain is closing.  I have a good friend who wrote for them and  who, in fact, is finishing a contracted deadline! We're all concerned about what happens next. (I was victim of a house that closed. But thank God I found Prairie Rose Publications.)

2. I have read three very bad self-pubbed books lately. Please, find a professional editor and PAY for the expertise. Don't rely on crit partners who, I promise you, will Not Be Honest when something stinks.

That's it. And stupid blogger won't upload the pic I want...and other things I know I've posted aren't showing up in the "from this blog."

I'm over it. And off to the horse rescue.

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