Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Outlaw Heart

Well, it's undiscovered country...loading a big list from my phone! Yup...been without my laptop for a month. It was God'sxeill that I fi shed a book and met a very precarious deadline just two days before! My neighbor geek, gone for Morger's Day, took the offending computer back to college where he is majoring in computer science, and he's spiffing everything up and bringing 'er back when he comes gone for summer break.

Inbetween time, I've doenloads the Word app into my iPad so I can continue to write and edit. And I spent $4 on this app so I can get into blogger. We will see.

My new release: Outlaw Heart.

More soon...if you like an outlaw turning good, a widow unable to give her heart, and Doc Holliday himself...this book is for you!

I'll try to get a link listed , and try to copy-paste a blurb and excerpt. Uh, baby steps!

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