Friday, June 6, 2008

Tanya Writes About Deliverance

It's on. Right now on some cable channel. Deliverance.

Now you might ask, so what? It's not a girl movie so it can't be Tanya's favorite.

Or can it?

Well, this blog is about the hero's journey. No, not those yahoos on that canoe-trip gone wrong. A hero who met me way back in high school.

No, we weren't sweethearts then. He was Big Man on Campus and I, well, I was a dork. Yearbook editor. Honor Roll.

He was Football Team Captain and Boyfriend of the Head Cheerleader/Homecoming Queen.

But college was good to me. Four years later we met again at a Christmas party. OMG, it was truly an across-the-crowded-room deal. So I immediately concocted a New Years Eve party so I could see him again.

He beat me to it and called me the next day.

Leave it to me to almost ruin it before it started. Burt Reynolds was the hottie of the day. I guess he'd be the Orlando Bloom or Matt Damon or (God forbid) Justin Timberlake of today. So any movie of his had to be a good choice for a first date.

And that's just what I picked. A Burt Reynolds movie.


I remember sitting through Ned Beatty's memorable scene and dying inside. He thinks I'm a pervert. He'll never ask me out again.

But he did. We rocked at my New Years Eve party...

...and have been together ever since.

So wherever your hero's journey takes you, hang on tight and stay by his side.

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Aw, I love hearing how couples meet. Your story made me smile. :)