Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tanya Writes About Her Hero's Birthday

Oh, yes, his birthday was a splendid day. I took him to see Sex and the City. I know, I know. It's kinda girly, but we just got back from New York and had to revisit the sites again. Yay. Bryant Park was one of our favorite places.

Then it was dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town. Our last meal in the Big Apple, unfortunately, was the worst one. A Mexican pub. Well, no one does Mex. like Californians LOL.

Our dear friend and next-door neighbor Blake wrote in his card, every day is your birthday. And how true. Blake and Betty and their precious sons (it's like our other family) gave my hero a copy of The Last Lecture. We know it'll be heart-rending and soul-uplifting.

I'll save New York for a new blog. I don't have the pix in the computer yet. It's just been nice to write about happy things for a change, after that harrowing siege. I just heard from a new buddy from the T.C. loop that his insurance insurance (well, he prefaced it with a very naughty word) has refused to pay for some of the treatments! Unbelievable. Another of our blessings was our incredible health care, our brilliant doctor and those angel nurses.

In fact, my hero has a check-up tomorrow. Although he is in full health and looks terrific (all that was bald isn't any more), he's getting a little twirly about it. But he found on the 'net beautiful pewter "guardian angel" pins that have a pearl head wearing a nurse's cap. He ordered one for each of those amazing nurses who helped us both through those dark and dreadful days.

Now comes writing their thank-you cards.

There won't be a dry eye in the house.


Caffey said...

Tanya, give your hero a belated happy birthday to him! He looks handsome and great! I so love Mexican too, especially cheese enchiladas and been wanting to go forever so I hope to do that soon! If you have a link to that guardian angel pins, I'd love to have it. I shall do some searching now.
Sent a prayer up for your hero's checkup. Hugs, Caffey

Tanya Hanson said...

Thanks for visiting, Caffey. The angel info will be on its way soon.