Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tanya Writes About Hottie Cowboys

Now, who doesn't like a cowboy? For guys, he's a man's man. For us girls, he's easy on the eye. For kids, a downright hero.

Recently, I "bashed" with fifty other romance authors at an all-day Internet party where we posted excerpts, contests, games, polls. And I came up with a poll for the topic "which cowboy would you like to find in your bed?"

(Agreed, it sounds a bit racy, but remember the context: romance readers and writers.)

Sam Elliott came up Number One. And can there be any doubt? That height and vigor, that gravel voice. Hmmmm-hmmmmm.

So I thought I'd reprise the topic today, with some minor revisions.

Which of these cowboys is the sexiest?

1. Trace Adkins (who currently enamors me...Oh my.)

2. Viggo Mortensen (oh, Hidalgo.)

3. John Wayne (no more need be said LOL.)

4. Michael Landon/Little Joe (a little sexier than Pa Ingalls...)

5. Thomas Haden Church (C'mon. Give him a chance. Broken Trail rocked!)

6. Robert Duvall (A classic! Lonesome Dove. Open Range. Broken Trail...)

7. Kevin Costner (all right, a little long in the tooth...but think Wyatt Earp...)

8. Jake Guyllenhall

9. Heath Ledger (Gotta remember, though, these last two were sheepherders, not cowboys.)

10. Kurt Russell (IMO A better Wyatt than that other one.)

11. Sam Elliott (last but not least, The Ultimate Cowboy.)

Get your thinking caps on and make your decision, and let me know!

(Thanks to AOL for the picture. Drool. Drool.)


Corinna said...

Oh, man, there's no contest at all here. Michael Landon as Little Joe was so hot he sizzled. Not only did he have the face of an angel and a body to drool over (if you'll watch those Bonanza re-runs carefully, you'll see that Little Joe wasn't so little) but he also wasn't afraid to show emotion, which automatically makes any man sexier. He could even cry prettily (back in the 60s, no less!) and manage to do it without looking like a wuss. Then he could turn right around and be hard and tough. Name another actor who can do THAT. The icing on the cake was the fact that he laughed easily, and made everyone around him do it, too. With that million dollar grin of his, who could resist?

Tanya Hanson said...

I agree, Corinna. Little Joe was a great character. I also loved the lighthearted episodes when he and Hoss had adventures and got into scrapes.

Thanks for stopping by!