Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tanya Writes About An Upcoming Hero

Oh goodness. I meant to get Back to The Blog before now, but life has intruded in so many lovely ways the past few days...racking my brain and sitting at a computer just didn't make the cut.

We're planning a vacation, leaving tomorrow afternoon.

My hero's sis, our wonderful Roberta came to visit...her train leaves tomorrow morning.

And best of all, our grandbaby came for two days. Oh, how wonderful it was to look at the world through the eyes of a toddler, still a baby but fast becoming a little boy. We paused on a freeway onramp just as a sprinkler went on: "Water!" he shouted rapturously. Later on, he watched a fly land on a lawn chair and examined it in wonder. When the fly flew away, it soon came back with a partner.

"Two!" he cried out.

When Olympic trampolining came on, he tried to keep up with the jumps. But the love of his life right now is our staircase. "Sairs, sairs!" he shouts, heading for them, the baby-gate notwithstanding. That little houdini can squeeze through the bottom-most banister.

Feeding the birds in the morning seemed like an adventure. Once the sparrows and doves flew to the feeder, he peered out the door in fascination. "Eating, eating," he told me. When he ventured out to investigate, not one of the two-dozen feathered friends flew away.

A long walk at the harbor evoked other emotions for the little guy. "Boat. Wow," he sighed. "Birdies, birdies," he pointed to the gulls. And when a harbor seal showed its shiny head, he burst out in delight.

Why is he an up and coming hero? Well, for one thing, the blood of my own personal hero runs in his veins. The gene pool is terrific. But more than that, that little boy has stolen my heart and my soul and everything in between. I'm a romance writer and I know what women want. When he grows up, he'll be the man of their dreams.

On a bit of a down-note. Roberta brought licorice shaped like little Scottie dogs. And one of those pups ran off with a crown from my molar. So it's off to the dentist first thing before heading out of town. And I still have packing to do in the a.m.

So bye for now. It's bedtime. Time for some dreams of my own.

Blogging may not get done while we're vacationing. But coming soon: Movie Endings that Suck and...Cowboy Church.

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