Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tanya Writes About Remission: The One-Year Anniversary

Hard to believe how sick he was one year ago. So sick that when the doctor announced remission from testicular cancer on this very date last year, my hero didn't even hear him the first time. I burst into tears, and when our daughter came back into the hospital room and saw me crying, she began to sob, too, thinking we'd gotten dreadful news.

He's hale and healthy and hot, my hero. How's that for alliteration?

We're busy here at home, getting ready for our daughter's wedding next summer. Invitations get ordered next, and I think I found The Dress. On sale, yet. Of course, it will needs the stamp of approval from the bride, but I can hope, can't I?

And today, my own doctor said my foot is healing great; I can now wear a normal shoe (something comfortable with a bit of support, like my Ahnu sneaker. No Choos just yet for these toes.) And drive. myself. My hero has been such a sweetheart, chauffeuring me all over the last five weeks. I think he deserves a break.

And Easter is upon us. Having given up wine for Lent, I can now imbibe again. We'll have a wonderful brunch at our son and DIL's, which means a whole day with the grandbaby, hunting eggs and eating chocolate. I found him a set of camouflage plastic eggs in which I will stuff little cars. My son chuckled. Do you think he'll find them if they're camouflaged?

And we spent today with friends from Florida who showed off their adorable new grandson.

Still, these are still tough days for other loved ones. I'll tell you more some other time. Do keep them in your prayers, though. Death and cancer are just not good things.

But today, as we drove along the coast, I saw the sea daisies that only grow for a few weeks in the spring. Glorious yellow tufts that sit atop scrubby mini-Joshua trees. They brighten life and lift spirits. That's such a good thing.

How I miss them when they're done blooming. Sigh.

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