Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tanya Writes About Preventing Swine Flu

A bit of levity today....our daughter's upcoming wedding date has started all the urgent details that must be done now. Inbetween, I'm finishing a book, getting my body and recently-repaired foot in shape, taking care of spring gardening, and spending as many hours as possible with the grandbaby. Oh, his mommy and daddy are so generous. I'll be getting the Thomas the Train excursion blogged on soon.

Well, back to swine flu. I'm not minimizing flu...although I prefer to call it H1N1 and I am fond of the piglet species. Two of our local schools have closed for TWO weeks. So to relax everybody, I just couldn't resist passing along this adorable pictorial hint I got from a friend.

Enjoy! And keep well.

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