Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tanya Writes About Stuff Cowboys Needed

Howdy! Cowboy Month is still going on at The Wild Rose Press where I'm thrilled to say Marrying Minda is on the best-seller list!Yee-haw.

So I figured out what Minda's hero, Brixton Haynes, would need for round-up or point riding along the trail.

1. A branding iron...the symbol made by a blacksmith to mark an animal's hide.

2. A saddle, the cowboy's most important piece of equipment as it kept him secure and comfy on his horse's back, and saddlebags to hold his "possibles."

3. A lariat...a rope made from hemp fibers or braided rawhide.

4. A bandanna....kept dust out of his face, strained dirty water before drinking, made a handy bandage.

5. A Stetson...the wide brim kept sun and rain off his face, carried water for a cowboy or his horse, and fanned a campfire. (Besides making him look darn sexy.)

6. Spurs...sometimes called jinglebobs, a round disk with points worn on the heel of the boot and gently used to get a horse moving. Of course, many guys believed an experienced rider did not have to use spurs to control his mount.

7. A gun...used mostly on critters like coyotes and snakes to protect the herd on the trail. Bullets were costly so cowboys didn't use a gun unless absolutely necessary.

8. Chaps...leather leggings over wool or denim trousers to protect against brush, cactus, long horns.

9. Boots...the high heels kept the feet from slipping out of the stirrup, but the style was dreadfully uncomfortable for walking.

10. A harmonica, fiddle or guitar. Singing eased boredom and kept the cattle calm.

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Helen Hardt said...

You're going on three weeks on the bestseller list -- congratulations!!

Tanya Hanson said...

I know. I just realized it. Wow. Mostly it's because of my great editor.