Monday, February 22, 2010

Ah, Central Park

New York, New York...

I always wondered what all the hoopla is about. Why so many books and movies and TV shows are set there. Until I went. OMG. What a fantastic place to visit. I can barely imagine how it is to actually live there.

Thing is, I don't think New Yorkers take any of it for granted!

We celebrated my hubby's life in NYC...after the battle with T.C. Planning the trip gave us hope, something to aspire to, when he got his life back. We plan on going back in 2011. I'll already be there for the RWA National Convention. He'll join me at the end.

Right now...I'll relive those memories and play the slide show in my head as we wait on the next round of follow-up blood work and CT scan. Routine but scary as hell. Oh, my personal hero's fine. Grabbing life close, hitting the links often as he can and hanging out with his little grandson. Life can't get any better than it is.

It's just that...after that ugly thing came to live with us, there's always something there to remind us...

Keep him in your prayers. Thanks.


Helen Hardt said...

I'll always keep him in my thoughts. And that's a lovely photo, as always!

Marianne Evans said...

I'll be there in 2011 as well, Tanya, and my best wishes to your DH! GREAT picture. I absolutely, positively LOVE NYC. I feed off the energy and vibe of that one-of-a-kind city. I couldn't live there, but I love visiting there - and often!!!! :-) Blessings.