Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Delia Latham, CAPA nominee!

Here's a tidbit about DELIA LATHAM, who's joining me at The Write Stuff today. She's is a born-and-bred California gal, recently transplanted to Oklahoma where she lives with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend—but above all, she treasures her role as child of the King and heir to the throne of God. Delia enjoys big, loud, happy family gatherings. When she’s not writing, she loves to play piano and sing, read, enjoy nature’s beauty, and design marketing products for authors. Her inspirational novel, Goldeneyes, was released in March 2008, and was nominated for The Romance Studio’s CAPA awards; Yesterday’s Promise is pending release through White Rose Publishing.

Congrats on the CAPA nom, Delia. When did you first know you were meant to be a writer?

My third-grade teacher assigned the entire class a one-page essay on the topic, “What I was Like as a Baby” She offered prizes—one for the best girl’s essay, and one for the best boy’s. I won the girl’s prize. That’s when I discovered that I loved to write. I just never stopped.

Describe your first sale. How many manuscripts had you completed when this happened?

My first experience was not a good one. I submitted to an online publisher someone recommended, and the manuscript was accepted within a week. That should have told me something, but I was too “green” to know it. I won’t go into all the details. Suffice to say, I was on my own as far as promoting that book. To give the publisher credit, they did everything they said they would do in their contract, I just didn’t know enough to understand that it wasn’t much. They were basically a glorified printing company. That was the first full manuscript I ever completed.

My second publisher was Vintage Romance Publishing. They published Goldeneyes—a historical fiction—and the entire experience was different from start to finish. I consider that my first real experience with a legitimate publisher, and I will be forever grateful for Dawn Carrington’s guidance during that process.

Is there a genre you haven’t written in yet that you want to aspire to? (I know this is a dreadfully awkward sentence LOL.)

I would love to write a suspense chiller. I’m accustomed to writing “sweet” romances, and the suspense genre—especially crossing over into “chiller” territory—seems like worlds away from that. Still, maybe someday.

Any advice for up and coming authors? Any advice you wish you’d ignored along the way?

Write, write, write. I think the most important piece of advice I ever received was to find a space—whether it’s an entire room, a closet, or simply a corner in an existing room—and make it yours. Go to that place every day, preferably at the same time every day, and WRITE. Sooner than you realize, it becomes a habit that’s hard to break.

On the other hand, I certainly wish I’d ignored the advice to visit that online publisher that printed my first book. I guess all I can advise along those lines is to thoroughly research any publisher you don’t recognize, before you sign a contract.

Do you have a critique partner or group? If so, tell us about it.

I have a wonderful critique partner. Sally Laity lives in California and I live in Oklahoma, but I can’t imagine getting through an entire manuscript without her valuable input. I also have a “reader” who goes through my manuscripts and advises me on flow and readability, typos, etc. If something slows her down, chances are it will slow other readers down as well. I cherish Saundra Randolph’s advice.

Tell us about your upcoming release!

Yesterday’s Promise will be released March 12, 2010, through White Rose Publishing. Here’s the back cover text:
A whirlwind romance amidst the natural splendor of Yosemite National Park. A spur-of-the-moment wedding at the foot of Bridalveil Fall. A young bride who awakens the morning after to find her new husband gone with the mountain wind.

Songbird Hannah Johns supports the child born of that ill-fated union by singing in a dinner lounge. Her dream of someday owning the elite establishment and turning it into a venue more suited to her Christian values is shattered when an unexpected transaction places it in the hands of Brock Ellis, the handsome biker who abandoned her in their honeymoon suite.

Ensuing sparks fly high, revealing buried secrets and forgotten pasts. Seeking to find peace with her painful past, Hannah returns to Yosemite, only to have Brock show up hard on her heels. Back where it all began, she finds herself in danger of losing her heart yet again to the man who shattered it the first time around.

And here’s a little excerpt:

Fury washed over her in a sudden, unexpected wave. She emitted an icy little bark of laughter and shook her head. "Do you? I can't believe you, of all people, can get that look on your face because I have a son without the benefit of a husband. At least I'm there for my son, and I will be as long as God allows me to walk this earth. I would never, under any circumstances—never abandon someone I love. Never.
"It's right there." She pointed a trembling finger at Lissy's house and fumbled for the handle as Brock swung the car to the curb. By the time he brought the vehicle to a full stop, she had the door open and one foot outside the car. Tears burned her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.

"Hannah, I-" Brock's bewildered expression almost passed for convincing. "I'm sorry, really. I didn't mean-"

"Lissy will take us home." She ignored his apology, then slammed the car door and marched up the sidewalk, head high, back ramrod stiff.

Davey flew out the door to meet her, his dark curls bouncing. "Mommy! Mommy, I missed-ed you!"

Hannah picked him up, hugging him to her. "Hey, big guy! I missed-ed you too." She rarely encouraged his mispronunciation of words, but at the moment she wanted Davey to stay little for a very long time.

""Who's that man, Mommy?" One arm around Hannah's neck, her son pointed to the car where Brock sat watching them. "Huh? Who's that?"

"Nobody, Davey." She set the small boy on his feet. Taking his hand, she led him to Lissy's door. Behind her, she heard the BMW pull away, but she refused to look back.
Only your daddy, sweet boy. He's only your daddy.

Any future releases in the works?

I have a manuscript off to Steeple Hill right now. Of course I’m anxiously waiting to find out if they like it.  It’s called Karissa’s Dream and is the first in a collection of three books that center around a Christian dating agency.

What are you working on next?

The second book in the trilogy I mentioned above. This one has a working title of Kylie’s Kiss.

How can readers and fans get in touch with you?

Interviews & Reviews:

Delia, I'm so glad to have you here, and I look forward to your Weekend Recipe. Everybody out there, make sure you come back for that treat! And I am more than likely going to be a customer of those lovely bookmarks of yours!

Hope to see you hanging out at The Write Stuff in future, Delia!


Sherry Gloag said...

Yesterday's Promise sounds fascinating, and I'll add it to my wish list.
I enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for sharing.

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Your books are on my must read list. Yesterday's Promise is a very intruging book. The interview had alot of information

Walk in harmony,

Clover Autrey said...

What a heartbreaking scene. You really know how to pull people in.

Marianne Evans said...

Great post, Tanya and Delia!! Your journey as a writer is inspiring - great excerpt!!!

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It's so good to have Delia here! I totally appreciate everybody stopping by to welcome here.

Hugs to you all!

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Great excerpt, gotta have it, Good luck!!

Delia Latham said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy Yesterday's Promise - it will forever be close to my heart. :) Blessings!