Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I AM POEM--Georgie, always in our hearts

Georgie left us all too soon. When you see a homeless person with a dog at his/her side, don't be stingy. Last November, this beautiful young man helped out such a pair, rescuing them from some abusive teens...paying for a hotel room so the homeless guy had a shower and a bed, giving the guy the last twenty-dollar bill in his pocket.

His generous heart has touched so many others. Hearts that broke into a million pieces when the Lord called Georgie home just after New Years.

"I Am Poem"

by: George Anthony


I am a football player in pain
I wonder if war is the answer
...I hear the struggling people
I see pain in the heart of America
I want peace between others
I am a football player in pain

I pretend that I am the best
I feel emotion in my heart
I cry when being a different color matters
I am a football player in pain

I understand everything doesn't come easy
I say be a leader not a follower
I dream of too many things
I try with all my heart
I am a football player in pain


Cynthia said...

Oh Tanya,
Words cannot express how much this means to all of us. You're truly and Angel to memorialize our Georgie this way. Thank you a million times over.

Tanya Hanson said...

Oh, Cindy. He lives on. Oh, yes, he does.