Monday, May 10, 2010

Revlon Cancer Walk...Los Angeles

Whre was I last Saturday? One of my favorite places, University of Southern California along with the historic Los Angeles Coliseum. But I wasn't at a graduation or a football game.

Along with 50,000 others marching on various teams, I had the honor to walk with the CVS team around the LA Coliseum and USC ("fight on"--my kids are alums) to raise money with Revlon to find cures for women's cancers.

Many folks wore signs on their backs to acknowledge loved ones fighting breast cancer..."my lovely wife Elaine"..."my sister AND my mom"..."our friend Candice."

Others wore memorial signs. One man memorialized his mom, two aunts, and a sister who had lost their fight. And--his other sign supported three more relatives fighting breast cancer!

We marched for our dear friend Karen, our neighbor Sherry, and my writer pal Susan...all who lost their valiant battles against the evil breast cancer last fall.

Thrilling were the signs many women wore with claims of triumph: "I am six months cancer-free." "I'm a 13-year survivor." "Yes, I had cancer. But it never had me!" Too many more, praise God, to write down.

Teams had delightful names. Our favorites:

Hikers for Hooters
Walkers for Knockers
Hello Tittys
Bergens for Boobies.

Save the Tatas

One family wore signs with the picture of an adorable baby girl wearing a big pink hat. The caption read:

"Find a cure before I grow boobs."

Wow. My own personal hero is a two-year survivor of testicular cancer, so I kinda know. We celebrated this event with the two of the most important people during his battle...

To all who journey with this awful disease those to fight it, have won their fight, and to those who walk at your side:


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