Sunday, May 2, 2010

Special Edition: BE KIND TO ANIMALS WEEK ®

May 2-8, 2010

Join the event that’s been celebrated every year since 1915 -- American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week. If you’ve known me for longer than ten seconds, you’ll know I’m a critter freak.

Since I’m in Texas most of this week, I wanted to keep this posted on my blog until I get back to the regular "schedule." One thing…I’m going to visit the Alamo and dear to my heart is getting my grandbaby a coonskin cap. Reminiscent of my childhood and Disney’s Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.

But I won’t unless it’s synthetic fur.

I support wolves and polar bears with Defenders of Wildlife, household pets at Humane, and donkeys at the Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land.

Even though this special week includes shelter adoptions, information, terrific merchandise and a kids’ contest, it’s only celebrated once a year.

Here’s how we can appreciate all animals, domestic and wild, every day, our whole lives through.

Speak out for animals
Get informed about policies and legislation that can impact the animals in your community and throughout our country.

Report animal abuse
Animal cruelty and abuse is not only tragic for animals, but also an indicator that other forms of abuse such as domestic violence could be happening. Report anything suspicious…a dog chained in the yard, underfed pets…small children being mean to an animal. Let someone know.

Appreciate wildlife
All animals deserve to be treated humanely -- family pets and animals in the wild. Create an inviting space in your yard and garden for butterflies, hummingbirds and other creatures. If wildlife comes too close to home, look for ways to coexist with animals or to protect your property humanely. (Here in the suburbs that used to be wild terrain,, too often bears, coyotes and mountain lions are routinely killed by the Fish and Game.)

Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue
Help animals find a second chance at happiness by adopting your next pet from your local shelter or rescue group. My hubby and I have said good-bye to our two black Labs in the past year or so and our next sweetheart is definitely going to be a rescue pup.

Take care of your pet
Pets are like your babies who never grow up. Keep them healthy. But….don’t prolong their lives because of your own selfishness. I’m totally about compassion and dignity when our sweet critters age and life isn’t ideal for them anymore.) Make sure the pets wear an ID.

And if you have a dog or cat, give them a special hug from me.


Jennie Marsland said...

Hi Tanya, sweet pics! My cat is on the sofa with me as I write this, and our dog is curled up on the bed. They're both ourageously spoiled and we like it that way. As far as I'm concerned, animals are people too!

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Jennie, you are so right! We lost our black Lab boy last summer, and I still mourn him. We're taking a while to heal before another one. So glad you stopped by! Hug your kitty and puppy for me! oxoxox