Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tanya Writes About Normal

Yesterday, my hero took me out to lunch. His idea. Applebee's French onion soup, my absolute favorite.

It was so delish. So wonderful. So normal.

So normal.

Then today he and I wandered the aisles at Costco. He pushed the cart and got us a hot-dog after.

It was so delish. So wonderful. So normal.

He still tires easily and isn't yet up to an all-day marathon with our little grandson, but soon it'll be normal.

...I just finaled in a romance fiction contest with a Western historical in which a dead guy named Norman Dale is quite the kingpin to the action. Yeah, I named him after the coach in one of my favorite movies, Hoosiers....the entry got judged by three pubbed authors, then I got a chance to polish, or not, according to their remarks. They all loved it, but they found I'd mispelled Norman Dale's name a couple of times:


Can't be mere coincidence, seeing that the same day things started to turn normal.

But I edited it to Norman the thing goes to an editor. It's the second time this work has done well in a contest. Not long ago it placed first, with perfect scores in a fiction competition. It would be nice to see Marrying Minda brought to life.

But it won't matter a single whit whether or not the manuscript ever sees print. Because my life with my hero is on its way back to being delish, wonderful.



Darlene Franklin said...

Funny how our definition of "normal" changes, when we're brought up short about what really matters. I'm so glad your hero is in remission.

Congrats on the contest placement! I pray that Marrying Minda sells.

My western/mystery Gunfight at Grace Gulch is receiving good reviews ... let's hope they translate into sales!

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Darlene, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about good reviews LOL, (MIdnight Bride's got six in a row), visitors to the website, folks entering contests. Let's hope they're actually buying our books!