Monday, May 19, 2008

Tanya Writes About Vacation with her Hero

Wow. Here we are, Lake Tahoe. So deep and blue and fathomless. Green trees reaching up to the endless sky. Bright white swatches of snow waiting to melt.

We planned the trip on Day 11 of the BEP. Just to remind us that we had a future.

It's a most significant vacation even though we were here exactly a year ago. What a year it's been. Whew.

Our grandson took his first steps and is learning his first words.

Our dearest chidhood pal Mike died from cancer.

And my hero survived it.

Our beloved niece Katie got married and asked me to read a scripture verse during the ceremony. In fact, we visited her and her new hubby at their darling new house in Reno on the way here.

So many memories.

We came here with Katie's folks, my beloved Roberta and Timmy. You remember me writing about them. It's in the archives. Those awful months would have been unendurable without them. But now, we here again, just back to having fun. Timmy even mentioned how good it is to be together us four, because we can laugh at and with each other. They're on the plane back home now, and how we'll miss them.

My hero is taking a nap. His appetite is soooooooo good these days and he's gotten so strong. Naps are no longer an every-day thing. But yesterday the weather was very, very hot (we live on the coast and aren't ued to it) while we four trundled all over historic Placerville, explored a gold mine and investigated a real stamp mill. Tuckered us all out.

With me working on a gold-mine set historical romance that I want to pitch to an editor at the RWA concention in July, this was just the place to investigate. And the Gold Bug mine was about thirty degrees cooler inside the mine. Yay.

The weather's back to spring here at Tahoe today, instead of summer. My hero and I will be here all the rest of the week, then spend a few days in Monterey, back to the coast.

Then back home where the rest of our future waits for us.

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Heather said...

Yay! A MUCH deserved vacation for two great people!