Monday, April 12, 2010

Up in the Air at Point Arena

It's a Bucket List thing...climbing up a lighthouse. I've visited several in my life but none let me up into the tower. Not until Point Arena.

That's where we spent Easter after several days in San Francisco. Yep, hanging out with two of our favorite people. Hubby's sister (well mine too!) and bil, Roberta and Tim who helped us through his cancer ordeal. It was more than significant, more than a miracle, that they were with is on April 8th. His second "birthday". Year #2 of his remission anniversary. Glory hallelujah!

Well, back to the lighthouse. This "smokestack" style light in northern California, first built of bricks and lit in 1870, was devastated by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Hence its modern construction in concrete. It's 115 feet to the top, and I made every single step.

Well, the going up wasn't too bad. I didn't even mind walking around outside at the tip-top. It was the going down that had me white-knuckled and sweating buckets of ice...

But I made it!

One more thing to scratch off my list!
The northern Coast is so glorious, so wild and craggy and full of wind and dreams. There's a ton more to tell about those ten wonderful days but hey, I've got a ton more Mondays left to tell you of places I've been.

Good-night now.

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