Friday, March 14, 2008

Tanya Writes About the Hero's Journey

Why would I write about testicular cancer in a blog titled Tanya Writes Romance?

Because it's all about a hero's journey. Not just my hero, but all the folks out there faced with life-threatening or life-altering ailments.

Like Mrs. Coleman throwing up in the wastebasket in the oncology waiting room. It wasn't because of the chemo, she said to her caregiver. It was Satan messing with her again and she wasn't going to give in.

Or Mr. Brown, a well-dressed gent in an attractive trench coat. He told the receptionist the last scan hadn't been good, but he was okay with it. He's had a good life. When he laid down on a waiting-room settee, shivering, she promptly came to his side with a hug and comfort. And hope.

We've got some other heroes in our personal lives: my godson, born with a rare genetic malformation that causes life-long disabilities with no chance for cure, yet he gives joy to everybody around him. The father of my daughter's sorority sister stricken with ALS just before graduation fought a valiant battle for three years. Our friend Karen is knocking down breast cancer with the energy of a prize-fighter.

And now my own personal hero, who is always the model for my fictional ones. Strong and quiet-natured with no alpha-arrogance, dark-haired and light-spirited with a good sense of humor no matter how black the day. Who always puts my needs and feelings first.

Heroes. Gotta love 'em.

My hero. I love you.

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