Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tanya Writes About Tuesday

Well, today has been both good and sucky. Sucky things first: well, chemo in general despite that it will eventually give us health and life. But today was the half-hour bleo I.V. Dang, that little bag of goo totally knocks my hero's feet out from under him. He was tired just walking to the parking lot afterward.

Whew. For the first time since all this started, he wanted me to drive home! Now, we're talking forty-minutes of me behind the wheel! And in our new car, too. Believe me, he does not like to ride when I drive even in the previous car. The only other time was after the barf-a-rama in Yosemite last century, when most of the herd passed the stomach flu around. I escaped and ended up driving our Jeep Cherokee pulling a trailer all the way to Fresno. Wow. I cringe just to think of it.

Today he held himself to just one snide comment as he watched some needle jump around some dial on the dashboard. I said, Either go to sleep or look out the window.

Now for good things: I found that a new Dollar Tree just opened up! Ever a cheapskate in search of a bargain, I went in just to look and came out with four bags of essentials. Better: I picked up a few groceries --including soft food for my hero--and did not end up in tears! Yay.

Best: an e-mail from a close family friend. My hero has known Tommy since Tommy was a newborn. Tommy just read the blog and wanted me to remind my hero that he is Tommy's hero, too, has been all through childhood.

Well, it's mutual. When we married, my hero said, "I want only two things; otherwise, have at it. I don't want to write my own vows, and I want Tommy as my ringbearer."

He got his way! Both of them.

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