Monday, March 31, 2008

Tanya Writes About the Strange Day

A few years ago my hero and I rocked out at a concert of an oldies group from our college days, The Moody Blues. Our daughter had gotten him tix for his birthday. One of their songs has always struck me. Isn't life strange?

It is, isn't it?

Last night I couldn't sleep. Too much caffeine. These days, I'm mostly decaffinated, but yesterday I indulged in that international coffee Cafe Francais, my guilty little pleasure, while we watched John Adams. Hence the energetic sheep and demons that danced in my head when I tried to sleep. So I got up to, what else, blog and computerize.

In searching Google for tags that might come up for my blog, I came across a strange and awful new fact: Research is proving that firefighters have a 102% chance over other workers of getting--testicular cancer!

After the ruined knees and rebuilt shoulder, the hearing deficits from sirens raging in his ears in the moronic days before the department provided guys with we get a "perk" like T.C.

But my hero had a bit of a good night. And after watching the Food Channel much of yesterday afternoon, he got a bit of appetite back, even wrote down recipes to try. (He's the Top Chef of this family.) And although we await more dagnabbed bleo tomorrow, we have every expectation of a positive outlook...

So after making him some oatmeal, I went to check my e-mail, a morning ritual. (well, make that morning, noon, night, midnight et al ad infinitum.) In my inbox was a post from a cyber-friend I hadn't heard from for a little while. Now, I've never met her, but we connected while blogging at a now-defunct romance blog.

When my hero's tribulation began in late January, Darlene immediately placed his welfare in God's hands through prayer chains, particularly American Christian Fiction Writers--she writes inspirationals. All these weeks, knowing people all over the country are praying for him has brought us such comfort.

But Darlene's e-mail blew me away and not in a good way. She hadn't written in a while...because her 23-year old daughter recently committed suicide.

I am speechless with grief. There can't be anything more terrible than losing your child.

My hero and I spoke with our beautiful daughter just last night. Held our handsome son tight just Saturday. Hugged that little grandson while he squirmed and squirmed. (his mommy, our precious daughter in law, had to work.)

Across the world-wide-web, I open my arms to Darlene, beseeching our Lord to help mend her broken heart.

To turn her tears into miracles.

Because my hero and I, well, we've got a family to die for.

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