Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tanya Writes about Oncology Nurses

Once I read that angels are Labradors with wings, and as the "mom" of three, I've tended to agree. Until now. Angels are nurses. And earning their wings right now are the oncology nurses who are keeping my hero comfortable while making him well. And letting me know they're concerned about me, too.

Linda and Abby are both cancer survivors. They asked for Oncology on purpose. Of course they've confided their experiences, their treatments, their recoveries. The fear, make that downright terror. The all-consuming exhaustion. A romance reader herself, Linda has visited my website and tells everybody about my book. Abby comes in every day to see which picture we've brought of our little grandson, he of the big cheeks. A mommy of two little boys, she wants to pinch those cheeks.

Keri is a ragin' Dodger fan and constantly ribs my hero, who is not LOL. Yesterday she brought him a gorgeous book on Body Worlds since my hero missed the plastination exhibition last time around, but we intend to get to it this time. Wow. And Primrose makes sure my hero always gets "the room with the view."

As we left Oncology just a bit ago, they all called out, see you tomorrow. They know it's the last day of the last prescribed, week-long BEP. Now...we have two short bleo infusions over the next couple weeks. Then scans.

Then the results.

So keep bombarding heaven we get good news. When this all started, our local mountains were covered in snow that lasted those whole seventeen days from ultrasound to chemo. Unusual in this land of sun. But they helped me focus on Psalm 121 which has become my mantra. I will lift my eyes until the hills...from whence comes my help (which is) The Lord God who created heaven and earth.

Today the hills are wearing as much green as Ireland.

Ah, how beautiful.

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