Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wine Jacket Club Goes to Temecula

Ah, here we are last weekend in the wine country a bit north of San Diego. Me and my posse. Oh, it was grand. I joined the wine club at Wilson Creek and found some cool antique candlesticks in Old Town Temecula...and a heart-shaped pillow for a T.C. fundraiser basket I'm donating. (More on this next Thursday..."Something Serious." I'm waiting on the Geek Squad right now and can't upload pix from the camera. Long story...on hubby's laptop right now and he hates me to muck up his equipment LOL.)

And had a marvelous time with my dear, dear friends. We've all been friends (and relatives!) for such a long, long time. We finally decided on a name for our little group: The Wine Jacket Club.

Because...if you've got wine on, you're all warmed up.

After visiting three wineries (ooh la la, the chocolate port!), we got pizza in our hotel room, played "Apples to Apples" and wined it up some more.

A good time was had by all. Next up, next month: Massages.

P.s. So why am I the only one without a sombrero after our yummy Mexican lunch? Because, fortunately LOL, there were only three.


Lauri said...

Sounds like a great time! Sorry there were only three hats, you'd look great in one!


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Randi said...

Next time you're out that way, I recommend Wiens Family Cellars. They have the best sparkling orange wine (champagne).

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Randi, YUM. Wilson is famed for it's almost champagne. Drunk from a chocolate cup, it's like ALmond Joy...although the candy company won't let them call it that.

We'll be out there soon and I'll take your advice.

Tanya Hanson said...

Lauri, I will get on this. My PC's in a bad way...the geek squad is galloping over today. (I'm on hubby's sacred laptop and don't ike to do much while I am LOL.)

Tanya Hanson said...

I meant ALMOND champagne lol. My previous comment makes it sound like near-beer or something.

Randi said...

I know that almost almond champagne well! Brad and I toasted with it at our wedding ♥