Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Inspirational Sale: Hearts Crossing Ranch

I've been busy editing--
my first contemporary Western inspirational, Hearts Crossing Ranch! Every new contract is a gift, a blessing, an affirmation, but to sell my very first attempt at not just a contemporary Western but an inspirational one has me over the moon!

And the cover, designed by the amazing Nicola Martinez, is to die for. Hearts Crossing Ranch will be released by White Rose Publishing at a soon-to-be-announced date.

White Rose Publishing held a contest last summer, and I decided to keep my mind busy in a romantic way while we got ready for our daughter's wedding. The editor had a template with a few elements each submission had to have, including the title. Well, I reckoned Hearts Crossing was the perfect name for a ranch! My heroine Christy Forrest has come to the ranch for a city-slicker wagon train adventure and sparks fly when she meets Kennedy Martin, the hottie cowboy wagon master. Of course each is experiencing personal issues that lead to crises of faith, so their journey involves both their developing love for each other and their renewed trust in God.

(With us going on a similar wagon train adventure about the Tetons next summer, the setting and timing were irresistible.

Well, to make a long story short (too late?), I was runner up in the contest and my story found a home!

Hearts Crossing Ranch: "the perfect Wild West adventure...a beautiful city slicker. A handsome cowboy. ...covered wagons and campfires. And a would-be wedding grotto healing two hurting hearts."

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