Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tanya Writes About His Christmas Angel

Well, I just have to spread my happy news. My editor at the Cactus Rose line of The Wild Rose Press asked me to think about writing a Christmas story as promo for their online reads...

So of course I took the bait. The last few days, I've worked on a 2,500 word story with a Christmas theme, using a character from my upcoming book for the Cactus Rose line, Marrying Minda.

I figured the schoolteacher Caldwell Hackett deserved a story all his own. And when I decided the heroine should be Minda's own sister...well, sparks fly and snowflakes fall.

It's a sweet tale of two broken hearts knitting up just in time for the holidays.

I'll let you know more about the release date for His Christmas Angel. I like the fact that it will be a promo both for me as an author as well as a promo for the upcoming novel. Of course, in the story there's a hint or two about Minda and the man she married to beguile you into buying the book. Which I hope you do.

So today was Merry Christmas a bit early for me this year. Happy Holidays backatcha!

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