Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tanya Writes About LARA

Well, whereas Blogger still considers me spam (arrrrrrgh), The Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) realize I am an honest-to-goodness real person who wrote a real book.

Today was awesome. Although I don't understand why the meetings are held on Sunday mornings, (I actually like to go to church LOL), I love attending them. So many friendly, supportive people. We had a great speaker today, one of our own who delivered a handout and some helpful advice for writing action scenes...I don't have a lot of action sequences yet for my cowboys, although my first hero (Thomas/Luke in The Outlaw's Woman) had been a fictional James relative and participant in the Northfield, Minnesota Raid.

I actually had researched the raid and written a jam-packed, fact-filled action scene to start the novel when my critique partner and marvelous friend, author Charlene Sands read it and said, Hmmmmm. Let's leave this for backstory, maybe. Or a nightmare he has. And get him and the heroine meeting instead. Sound advice. Charlene is very successful, award-winning and best-selling, so I have learned to listen and take her advice.

To make a long story short, I fixed what ailed it and the book finaled in a major contest and got pubbed pretty quick...

Brix and Minda herself both tangle with outlaws in Marrying Minda but a Jackie Chan-esque scenario, uh-uh. But who knows what the future will hold. Trish Albright gave a great talk.

The Big Deal about today at LARA for me was getting treats for having sold Marrying Minda. A lovely white rose...and a gorgeous silver bracelet with one link as a tiny pink book. Now, I'm only a two-month member. The wondrous gift totally touched my heart.

That's a phrase I sometimes can't help using in my stories, and it is way apt, I think.

After that, Charlene took me to lunch for my birthday. September features my big day and I've been partying for at least three of them now. Great fun, getting presents just for getting born.

Then there's SPEW. I can't quite remember that the acronym words are, but it transpires to setting a goal today and starting tomorrow, finish that goal within the week. So I set a goal of writing 50 pages. I have a sequel in mind.

I've got one of those minds that never sleeps.

Well, I'll save a discussion of my birthday for some other day. It'll be hard blog to write, that one. For my twin brother died last Christmastime. This is my first birthday without him.

And despite the gatherings and fun, gifts and special meals, it's a tough one.

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