Monday, September 15, 2008

Tanya Writes About High Fashion...and Shoes

Now, me writing about fashion isn't exactly an oxymoron. I did use a personal shopper to find the perfect dress for my son's wedding, and I enjoy clothes. It's just that Vogue...with its zombie-faced models and constant use of the prefix "uber"
wearied me during my Vogue period last summer.

At that time, I needed the Perfect Wardrobe for our leaf-peeper trip to New England, and I was seriously in the mood to Shop. Well, cheap-screw me found everything I needed at (hold your breath: WalMart.) My signature colors (my hero always says I'm dressed for a funeral in my constant grays and blacks) with red thrown in. All in easy-care knits that packed and washed like a dream. So there, fancypants people.

But on one of my romance e-loops today, someone mentioned
So I hopped on over to see what the trends are for Fall and how close I'll be.

Actually, instead of ludicrous stuff, I found I liked everything.

Except the shoes. Wow, what they describe as "quirky" is downright space-alien.

The big news around here is the new Nordie's that opened about 20 miles away. My hero and I wandered its hallowed halls the other day....and he couldn't believe the unbelievably uncomfortable-looking shoes designed for women.

The guys' shoes actually look pretty normal.

That reminded me of my writer friend Pam Crooks and the wonderful blog she wrote recently at Petticoats and Pistols, my favorite place on the web. She did a history of women's shoes and featured many of the snaps of female feet that she took at the Romance Writers Convention in San Francisco, including the goddess of them all, Nora Roberts.

So I thought I'd bite off her today and do a tad of the same with a peek at yesterday and well, IMO, a tomorrow way off into science fiction. If you go to StyleList, check out Marc Jacobs' reverse heel shoe. There's really no way I could describe it in English words. It's something that's better visualized. Whew.

In closing, here's what our ancestors wore when they were the height of fashion. Satin and bows and buttons...and sensible heels.

Well, my version of sensible.

How about you? What's the quirkiest fashion trend you've ever seen? Worn? Abhorred?

What's the highest heel you've ever worn?

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