Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tanya Writes About SPAMIAM --NOT

Apparently BLOGGER considers me spam. I established this site in January and post almost every day...

Nonetheless their "algorithm" (a word I learned on NUMB3RS...and never will understand why they think the 3 reads like an E...) thinks I Am Spam.

I am not.

Oh, it's not just me. I had to join some help line and there's a ton of whining about this. I can still post. I just have to keep adding those dumb "visual verification" weird letters/numbers.

Oooops. I mean numb3rs.

The weird happened in about 12 hours. Things were normal...and now aren't. There doesn't appear to be any human to contact about it, either. Well, as anybody can see, I'm a real person with a real face and a real e-mail address and a real website that's been extant for about five years. My website even shows up first on the web!

Anyway, if this happened to you or is happening now, I'd simply adore hearing from you.

ARRRRRGH. (Now I get to do the word verification AGAIN.)

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