Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tanya Writes About Cool Country Songs

I dunno how a southern California girl ended up loving country music so much. I guess, like Trace Adkins sings, the songs are about me. And...the titles themselves could often become romance novels!

Truth to tell, I was raised on classical music, the Beach Boys and British invasion, all fitting as I love Baroque, coastal life and London. Even though I went to college in Nebraska, the love didn't start until we moved north of LA as newlyweds to a rural (for SoCal) area where strawberries are queen and lemons not far behind.

So I got to thinking what songs I'd put on a All-time favorites album of my own. Since I'm listening to Trace right now, I'll start off with One Hot Mama.

Oh, my dream is for my hero to have the DJ dedicate that song to me when our little girl eventually gets married...

Next up: I wanna Feel Something. I just this very day added Ladies Love Country Boys to my profile at MySpace and hope to figure out how to add 1HM as my ringtone...

I could add just about everything Tim McGraw has sung, but I confined myself to two. For at least five years, my dear friend, author Charlene Sands has gotten us tickets to a concert of his, but I guess he's taking this summer off. So I contented myself with Trace who performed at our county fair.

My McGraw picks are, understandably after the journey my hero has been on, Live Like You Were Dying. And Everywhere.

Driving around with our kids during their college days, we all sang along to Garth Brook's Unanswered Prayers. It's a pretty apt song when you realize the answers to prayers do sometimes suck and you don't get the reason until way later. And they were raised on Crystal Gayle. Someday Soon about that rodeo rider still gets to me.

Our lovely county fair also featured Brad Paisley not long ago. I recall him saying "it ain't a true country song unless the girl cries." During my teaching career, I recall arriving on campus in tears to the consternation of colleagues. Oh, no, it's nothing, I'd assure them. I just had KHAY on... Not that the song has to be sad. I get misty just hearing We Danced, watching them in my head dancing across that hardwood floor...

And my heart breaks listening to Brooks and Dunn telling us That Aint' No Way To Go...all about that lipstick letter on the mirror. What a heartless chick!

Speaking of chicks. The Dixies took some flak not long ago, but their Wide Open Spaces can really take me away to where the sky is tall and the range goes on forever.

Blake Shelton listening to that phone message from Austin really gets to me, and Lonestar's Amazed will always touch my heart.

I sing along loud and boisterous whenever I hear Taylor Swift's Another Picture to Burn. Who could help it?

But I have saved two of the ultimates for last. Ever since I heard George Strait's Best Day of My Life, I planned my little boy's wedding video in my head. Until he grew up and actually got married and said, no video, Mom. But it's one of those songs that always gets me weeping.

As does Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. Nothing more needs to be said about that one.

Oh, I know I can come up with more stirring favorites. But I'll save those for another blog. Just let me know some of the country songs and singers that mean something to you!

I wonder if our lists will be the same.

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