Monday, April 14, 2008

Tanya Writes About Her Hero At Home

We checked out of hospital a while ago, and now my hero is taking a nap under the new duvet in our bedroom. I ordered it right after New Years but it took forever to arrive, so he's the first to sleep under it. Fitting somehow.

He's got some appetite back and the mouth sores are healing. The dogs are wagging their tails a mile a minute, and our daughter just sent a bouquet of cheery balloons.

Today is breezy, sunny and a million degrees cooler than the last two. Normal weather for here.

So...normal life returns. Now, I know we'll have surveillance --scans and tests-- for years yet. But it's all good.

Father, forgive me for the sobs in my throat that should have been psalms, for the demons inside my head where I should have let Your angels in. For screams instead of prayers. It isn't easy being a weak human, but I thank you for Your strength and compassion, for Your healing love.

Anybody out there who actually read this blog, thanks for the prayers you sent upward and the good wishes you sent our way. It all worked.

Live. Live your life.

Live strong.

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