Monday, April 21, 2008

Tanya Writes About Missing the Wedding

We'd set it as our goal, dancing at Tawan and Nicole's wedding last Friday afternoon. Over all these weeks, the harrowing days, it was The Goal. And with remission announced on the day of the very last chemo (the dreaded bleo)...we knew we would make it.

I got some new stuff to wear. Duh.

Tawan is our son's dearest frat buddy and his best man, and our son was doing the honors on Friday. Nicole's an angel who helped so much at our son's wedding four years ago. Best of all, Tawan's folks are dear friends--we met them during a college preview parent-thing before the boys even knew each other!

And to make it even more complete, Tawan is like our daughter's other big brother. The kids are all very close.

But...all the plans were set before the five-days in the hospital at the bloody end. Literally. You know, the blood transfusion, the IV's to get my hero's body and blood back to quasi-normal.

His release from hospital last Monday still held hope, with four days to go before the wedding. Particularly when my hero started staying up an entire day, sleeping well all night, getting stronger and stronger. I just figured, you know, things were kinda normal.

What we thought was a minor check-up at the doctor last Friday morning turned out to be another all-day IV infusion. Potassium, magnesium, other stuff to keep my hero well and get him on the road to full health. With the wedding two hours away, I had no chance of making it in time.

Did I cry? Yeah, but in secret like always. Just for a minute.

Thank God for small mercies, in this case the digital camera. I've already got wedding pictures, and there's more to come. And many more happy years for the newlyweds.

Not to mention many more happy years ahead for my hero and me!

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Tanya Hanson said...

Our beloved Tawan died on October 30, 2014, from glioblastoma multiform, leaving behind his beautiful wife Nicole and their two year old son. So say his illness and loss tossed my faith into a new kind of bucket is an understatement...