Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tanya Writes About Using Your Words

Some words I hate:

There's something growing in there and it's not an infection.

It's highly suspicious. We must be aggressive.

Surgery. Removal. CT Scan.

It's malignant.

Let's get chemo started Monday. Sorry, it's gonna kick your ass.

Blood count is so low. No being around small children.

Here's Zofran for the nausea.

Bleomycin. It's the gnarliest one of all.

Words I Love:

I love you, Daddy.

I love you, dude. (son)

Grmdplzdra. (grandson)

We'll get this cured. (Dr. Schwartz)

I will life up mine eyes until the hills from whence cometh my help. (Psalm 121)

I survived cancer. I know what you're going through. (Abby and Linda)

You look sexy bald. (Heather)

Live strong. (Lance Armstrong)

You're gonna make it. (Everybody who loves him.)

The scans look great. You're in remission. (Dr. Schwartz, April 8, 2008)

1 comment:

Heather said...

Tanya, REMISSION should always be written in capital letters!