Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tanya Writes About Today, Sunny and Almost Summer

When this all started, the mountains were covered in snow. Of course it melted and nourished the earth. Now the hills look like Na Pali, only swathed with acres and acres of bright yellow mustard flowers, and the sea daisies I love so much. They bloom in April and how bright they shine!

Today was hot even here in our little beach town. I could almost touch the sun. Summer weather for sure, since June through August is almost always foggy.

Life is lovely. In the dark times, I wondered if I would ever write those words again, but my hero's getting well. Even though he's in hospital, he'll be home soon. Despite the gorgeous scans, the BEP took its toll, and my little vampire needed a blood transfusion and tons more potassium and magnesium. It's something called neutropenia, meaning there's not enough white cells to fight infection, so he's in a room all alone. At least he gets to keep the door shut, keep it quiet.

Doctor Schwartz said he's on the mend, getting stronger every day. "Congrats on the remission," he said. My hero asked what to do next.

"Live. Live your life," our wonderful oncologist said with a big bright sea daisy smile.

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