Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tanya Writes About Sleeping, and perchance, To Dream

My hero sleeps and sleeps.

He said two days ago that he woke in the middle of the night and thought it had all been one long, ugly dream. Then he rubbed his head, and then he knew.

There's still baby hairs there, like peachfuzz. But it's nothing like the pewter-colored hair that I could really run my fingers through. He's still got his moustache, although it's thinner. I haven't seen him without that facial hair since we were high school kids.

Oh, did I ever tell you we went to high school together? It was no sweetheart deal. In fact, he was Captain of the Football Team/Boyfriend of the Homecoming Queen/Head cheerleader. I, well, I was a dork.

But four years later, after college, we did that "across a crowded room" eye-contact movie moment thing at a Christmas party, and we've been together ever since.

Now, any guy who would stick with a girl who picks DELIVERANCE as their first-date movie is definitely a hero!

Last night, he stayed awake to watch American Idol with me. When Dolly's "Jolene" was performed, I misted up. For something other than my hero for a change. For that's the name of my dear Darlene's precious daughter who now lives with God.

A place of course where we all want to go.

Just not now. Please, God?

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Heather said...

Oh Tanya, you tell Tim that bald is beautiful! I am picturing him strong, at the bottom of a mountain, putting out the "fire" that is cancer. I'm so confident he'll beat this!

Cars are the perfect place to cry. I stash tissues all over mine for when I need to let off some steam.