Monday, April 7, 2008

Tanya Writes About Today, Sunny but Definitely Not Summer

We slept in. He curled against me and said it felt good. Then he said, I wish I could sleep through one night. And eat one real meal. And have just a normal day.

The wonderful new friends on the T.C e-loop tell us to hang in, that it'll be over soon. And that he'll be well. That the mental part is hard too, just as hard as the physical.

Our daughter is here now, so that makes things easier. For a while we sat outside by the fountain for a picnic, but the day grew cool. Sunny but definitely not summer.

Tomorrow is the last bleo. Let the reports be good ones. Let the nurses have remedies just to give him basic comfort.

Kyrie eleison.


squiresj said...

You need to read Amy Wallace's book "Healing Promises". It would help you realize you are not alone dealing with Cancer. It is about an FBI agent who gets Cancer and his wife is a Cancer doctor. The emotions, questions, etc. and all have made me realize whether it is cancer, surgery, whatever, it affects the whole family.
I pray for a quick healing. God be with you and you husband and help you through this.
This is my 6th attmpt to send this - I don't know google bloggers are hard to get to go through

Tanya Hanson said...

Thank you for your perserverence sending your comment. Our family has really stuck together through this. Thanks for your prayers.