Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tanya Writes About Television

I love the even keel. I don't like wrinkles in time or crimps in my routine. Just normal, normal, normal.

Well, as you know, those T.C. months were anything but! Now that the regular schedule is pretty much back, we're taking care of little "businesses" that had been put on hold: getting new cell phones, either upholstering a favorite chair or replacing it, deciding between Dish Network or sticking with our ridiculous cable service.

After spending an hour on the phone with Time Warner, I selected the "bundles" of channels that we wanted and rid us of the dozens more we never watched. But it's the networks themselves that need a spanking. In the last few years, I've had four shows I love and never missed, even before DVR, vanish into the netherworld.

Two are British. No surprise. I am Anglophile at heart and love London almost best of all. My heart broke that the public broadcast channel just cancelled the classic soap, EastEnders! I can't imagine what I'll do, waiting for Jamie and Sonya to get together. To watch the evil Trevor and the villainous Phil get what they deserve. To wonder why everybody's stuck in crummy Albert Square when the Tube can get you anyplace in London in minutes...

(Fortunately, I found a website to bring me up to date...and an e-newsletter subscription, too.)

Then there's Midsomer Murders. Detective Inspector Barnaby never wore rubber gloves when examining anything, but he always found the killer and the villages in this shire were to die-for. Although kinda scary places to live, despite their charm, with so much slaughter taking place.

Here in America, Men in Trees got cancelled. OMG. Every guy in that show was full of potential. But most of all I miss Dr. Quinn, the medicine woman forced off into the sunset when Hallmark cancelled the reruns. At least I've been able to get my authentic Western fix at the ranch where the show was filled.

What's left? Well, as a dog-nut, I'm a bit intrigued by the Great American Dog reality deal. And I still have Law & Order: Criminal Intent to comfort me. Bobby Goren knows everything, and Mike Logan (sigh) is, well, Big.

Gotta go. I think there's an L & O CI on right now.

(BTW, my new phone is something called a Juke. It was too cute to resist. And I still don't have a friggin' clue how to work the thing. It's not just a phone but a camera and an iPOD...and maybe more. Whew)

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