Monday, July 14, 2008

Tanya Writes About the Ugly Thing Again

Cancer. That's the ugly thing. Since I initially started this blog to promote a romance novel, I've been trying to get it back to its roots. But sometimes, real life intrudes.

Not for me, not for us, thankfully. Normal is the buzzword these days. But there are so many others out there who have started to live the nightmare, to take that journey down a difficult road.

The T.C. loop just featured a response from Eric Shandeau, the Olympic swimmer just diagnosed with testicular cancer, who's putting off his surgery and treatment against doctors advice so he can perform in Beijing. Some of the loop guys feel he's made a foolish decision to gamble with his life; others figure cancer takes away such personal control that Eric at least can reach for a dream in his own way. They ask, but can he be a good spokesperson, later on, if he's let something else take precedence over his health, his downright survival?

The loop has also had a discussion lately, about lyrics in a Brad Paisley song. It's a cute one. His girl sees a deer and thinkgs Bambi; he sees antlers on his wall. He complains about guys getting facials and manicures because, at least he's "still got a pair."

Some took offense at that, as if the I/O (inguial orchiectomy or, testical removal) leaving them one short makes any kind of difference to masculinity. I chimed in. I said my hero and I are a we and us, and it doesn't matter, one or two. Everything's still good. He's still him. But the discussion continues.

Then another guy on the loop struggls with an idiotic insurance company. He's got to come up with $10,000 just to start treatment.

Here at home, we had a neighborhood hoe-down for the fourth of July. Oh I was in heaven, wearing the cowboy hat I just got in Lake Tahoe, judging the chili cook-off. My hero had a righteous time. Until Ben ~ who didn't yet know about my hero's journey~ confided that his 21-year-old son had an I/O July 3 and was awaiting the results of his CT scan and biopsy.

So I wear my yellow bracelet and volunteered to collect from my cul-de-sac for the American Cancer Society. I added Lance Armstrong to MySpace. And I pray.

Today I gave my hero his first haircut! He's keeping it short, so we got a new-style shaver called a Short Cut. It's impossible for me to make a mistake. And now it's bedtime.

Time to hit my knees.

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