Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tanya Writes About Winning First Place (Twice!)

Oh, goody. My manuscript, Marrying Minda, has placed FIRST in the Historical Division of two well-respected fiction contests! I just now received the certificate for the 2008 Merritt "Magic Moment" Contest sponsored ty SARA, the San Antonio Romance Authors.

As soon as my hero and I get the new scanner-printer gizmo we've been talking about, I'll post a pic of my award. Tomorrow I'll get a neat frame, so it can join the certificate "Minda" got for placing first (with perfect scores!) in the Central Ohio Fiction Writers "Ignite the Flame" Contest. you get the picture? Magic Moment? Ignite the flame? Do you suppose that Minda and the hero--Brixton Haynes--kinda heat up the pages from the get-go even though they're too stubborn to admit it?

Well, you just might not admit such a thing if you were Minda...a proper mail order bride hitching up with the handsome man whose kisses melt her toes.

Only to find out he's the wrong bridegroom.

And any guy might be as pissed off as Brixton, a point rider on the Good Night Loving Cattle Trail eager to get back to the wide-open spaces and endless skies of Texas.

Only he's now saddled with a bride he doesn't want.

Or does he? Hmmmmmmm. Well, she is a hottie.

And suffice it to say, he is hunky cover model material.

To read the opening chapter of this dual award-winner, visit my website,

I'll be holding a contest soon to celebrate, so don't be a stranger!

At this time, I've got an editor interested in the story, the "full" as they say in the industry. So wish me luck. It's scary...while I hope she loves it, she just might not. Or she might have her quota of Westerns for now.

Or she might feel it needs a ton of revision.

Or whatever. Any of the foibles of publishing can happen, and probably will. Even though I write and read romances without stopping, I am a realist. It's a dang tough business.

But nobody can deny that those certificates look lovely on my wall!

Thanks, SARA. Thanks, COFW!

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Charlene Sands said...

Congrats on your wins, Tanya! There will be more coming I'm sure!

Enjoy! You're a great writer.