Monday, July 21, 2008

Tanya Writes About Ten Reasons You Know You're a Writer (Thank you, Kate Bridges)

Here's something purely delish from my cyber-pal and soon-to-be-met-in-the-flesh, Western romance author Kate Bridges, who posted this on my current internet addition, Petticoats and Pistols.

I just couldn't resist passing it along.

You Know You’re a Writer When…

by Kate Bridges

Have you ever tried to explain to your friends or significant other the headache of yet another revision, or dilemma of three main characters whose names all start with F? Getting through the daily writing grind takes energy, hard work and a sense of humor. You know you’re cursed—blessed—to be a lifelong writer if the following signs apply to you…

10) You’re breathless at the sight of your thesaurus.

9) Even brochures in the doctor’s office are interesting research to you now. “How to Manage Bunions.”

8 ) You love or hate movies on a whole new level.

7) Your partner wants to give you an extra special birthday present. You get the choice of a romantic dinner and night out on the town, or to upgrade the hard drive on your computer. You choose the hard drive and a sandwich.

6) Those painful childhood memories are suddenly very valuable. You wish you had more painful memories to draw upon.

5) You spend more time deciding on the names of your characters than you did on your own children.

4) You look forward to once-a-week grocery shopping for the social interaction.

3) When you enter the home of a new acquaintance, you feel strangely suspicious if there are no books in sight.

2) You enjoy starting hypothetical arguments with your partner—the ‘what if’ scenarios. “If I died tomorrow, how soon would you begin dating someone new?”

1) You’re thrilled to discover the word ‘infection’ was in use in 1875?

If you're reading this (Sounds like one of my favorite Tim McGraw songs...), go visit Kate and congratulate her!

More soon...

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Kate Bridges said...

Hey Tanya, great blog, LOL! It's great of you to post this, thank you. I'm enjoying your blog site and reading through your other articles. The photos of you by the water look calm and soothing. Your cover is really gorgeous. There's a bit of similarity between ours, with the couple near the top.

I'll have to come back and visit!