Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tanya Writes About her Friend, award-winning author Charlene Sands

Well, today I've got to tell you about another hero of mine. Make that heroine. Charlene Sands, best-selling author at both Harlequin Historical and Silhouette Desire.

In the former, she writes yummy romances about Western heroes of ranchers, delicious bounty hunters and killer sheriffs. And her contemp heroes for Desire are always cowboys. Even as they don the modern guise of oilman or mogul, they've wearing their Stetsons and are no stranger to horseback in addition to their sportscars.

Charlene has been an inspiration to me both as author and as friend. A while back, after years of reading romance novels, I aspired to write one. But the publishing world was such an unknown, vast universe. When I found that the national foundation Romance Writers of America had a local chapter, I figured I ought to join...

But that first meeting was a tough one for me. First off, the location is a good two hours from home, and I'm not that confident of a driver. Then there was the aspect of walking into a convention room filled with hundreds of strangers. (That chapter is one of the country's biggest, most active, and most influential.)

But my hero badgered me until one day, I made it there, swallowed my nerves...and met Charlene. Adoring her is not hard; she's friendly and charming and made me feel at ease right away.

Better yet, we found out we don't live all that far apart! Friendship was easy. Our hubbies get along. And when she offered to help critique my work, well, I couldn't resist.

So it is with pleasure that I send along some news from Charlene's latest newsletter.
I hope you'll visit her website and tell her I sent you there! And don't forget to enter her "Summer and Sands" contest.

Her new Desire Mini-Series launches in August with Five-Star Cowboy. The book is already getting a warm reception --and excellent reviews.

Here's just a few quick snippets of reviews:

4 1/2 Stars **** Romantic Times Book Reviews

Five-Star Cowboy has a surprise coming when Julia strikes a purely professional tone, especially after finding out that he sabotaged one of her potential account to get her out there.Trent is delightfully clueless and Julia is tough enough to teach him a lesson in Charlene Sands' terrific and steamy romance.

Charlene Sands does a good job of making these characters a bit hard-headed so that their relationship has even a bit more oomph. FIVE-STAR COWBOY is a spicy and enjoyable romance. Julia and Trent make you believe in happily-ever-after.

Romance Junkies

Series books are so much fun to read when the author allows us to visit with past friends from other books. Charlene Sands did this in Five Star Cowboy to the benefit of the story. Trent had a lot of learn and Julia was just the one to teach him. Creative and capable, she was also the one to bring his hotel into five star status with her marketing ideas. Superb romance reading highlight Five Star Cowboy with its twist and turns. Charlene Sands continues to deliver satisfaction for her readers.

** ** ** ** **

The end of this month, I'll be joining Charlene at the annual national RWA convention in gorgeous San Francisco. She'll be autographing her books at the Literacy Book Signing where more than 400 romance authors convene to sign their books. All proceeds go to promote literacy in the U.S.!

And I'll be there rooting for her at the Bookseller's Best Award Ceremony. Charlene's a double finalist with Fortune's Vengeful Groom and Bodine's Bounty. Wish her luck!

As if that's not enough to keep a busy author breathless, Charlene's participating in a Harlequin Author Forum, and Saturday she'll be on a panel called Romancing the Internet and speaking about her blogging experiences on Petticoats and Pistols.

Since is one of my favorite internet addictions, I'll be in the autience for sure!

Well, I've been so happy to introduce Charlene Sands to you. Don't be a stranger!

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